Frequently Asked Questions

When do entries Close?

When will the program be released and what day will my child be dancing?
Our program is released 6weeks before the event. We always work through the program with groups on the weekend and then we aim to work through age groups starting with our youngest. Depending on entries, seniors (16&Over) are usually on the weekend as well.

My child is dancing in ________session, what time we arrive?
We advise anyone to turn up at 1/2 hour to 15minutes prior to the beginning of the session. Sometimes elements beyond our control (COVID included) means our program gets shortened or we need to move up a section to allow other entrants time to costume change etc. We also like to have entrants check-in before we begin the session to allow timely movement of the program and give our compare time to organise themselves.

Age categories
At DDE we are always working to ensure we have healthy friendly competiton. Sometimes this means in genres that are not as popular we have combined age groups, so if you are a studio and you have a 10&Under Hip Hop Group and a 12&Under Hip Hop Group please enter the 12&Under section TWICE but mark one as 10s and one as 12s, that way if there is enough entrants we know who we can split up.

Missing sections
We know sometimes we don’t have the extended syllabus of other competitions, however we are always open to suggestions. So if we are missing something you think is important please contact us. The more requests we get will help determine if these suggestions are viable. (We promise we don’t bite and we always consider everyones suggestions)

Why do we need a competitor pass?
The competitor pass ensures entry throughout the event for the competitor and one parent/guardian. It allows us to minimise the cost of door entry for our competitors and allows our volunteers to be able to distinguish between competitors and spectators.

I’m having trouble emailing my music, can I please bring a USB/phone/ipad on the day?
Unfortunately with the limited number of volunteers, it is not possible to bring your music to us on the day. All music is pre-programmed before the event and tested to ensure that audio playback issues are limited throughout our event. Please still bring a back-up though, just in case.

Guide to sending Music
1. Ensure you have your music from your choreographer/teacher/studio etc
2. Ensure the music is cut/faded/pre-mixed and is in MP3 format (if not there are hundreds of free online MP3 converters, which are super easy to use)
3. If your music is not cut to time, download a free program, such as Audacity and cut/fade/mix your audio (audacity will also convert music to MP3)
4. Duplicate and rename your music into the following format CompetitorNumber__Competitor Name__SectionNumber___StartON/OFF
5. Open your email and start a new email for each piece of music to or Upload all music into a dropbox folder and send us a link to the folder or Upload all the music onto a USB and send to PO Box 430, Millmerran QLD 4357.
6. If you are still struggling CONTACT US BEFORE MUSIC CUT-OFF. Otherwise your child may not get to perform